I didn’t fall in love with you
It’s the feeling of loneliness that brought me to you
the feeling of getting heard and lost in your eyes
It’s the feeling of you being by my side that made me realize that I didn’t fall for you

The feeling of getting healed by simple words that made my heart feel alive again
the feeling of you looking at me like I’m from another universe seeing the sparkle of losing control right in front of me
It’s the feeling in disguise that made me realize that I didn’t fall for you

It’s the feeling of you in my head that keeps me awake at night trying not to think about what you said to make me feel right
You telling me everything will be alright even though I know deep down that I will only be okay with you by my side, but let me tell you this: I didn’t fall for you

It’s your words that are in my head, playing with my mind, keeping me on my brighter side even though I would want to hide from the feeling I have deep inside
It’s the darkness that keeps coming close to me because I would really want to promise me that I didn’t fall for the feelings I have inside of me

It’s your trust that you gave me in my darkest times, knowing everything that made me cry. It’s your arms that would make me feel like home but I know that if I would tell you so you would let me go down in my tears alone trying to run from the truth that‘s surrounding you

The time seems to stop when I keep looking at you me seeing myself with you in your eyes holding back the emotions you want to hide because we know deep down it’s the only way to prove that I didn’t fall in love with you

I can’t stop thinking about you
You are here, listening, understanding
and I still know that it’s nothing I can control
my feelings towards you are things I would never be able to explain, but I can promise you one thing: I didn’t fall in love with you

My heart beating faster everytime you cross my mind, making me aware of my feelings I have to hide
Wanting to lay on your chest, listening to your heartbeat telling you how much I miss you and trying not to get lost in my thoughts I have because of you

And let’s be honest I’m trying really hard to make you aware of my feelings I don’t have, but please just listen to me, don’t ever stop looking at me the way you do right now giving me all the warmth I tried to forget making me feel alright, making me feel loved even though we both know it’s not the way to go

it’s the feeling of butterflies in my stomach that you give me everytime you make one of your silly jokes trying to make me laugh, but you are unaware of what you really do because deep down the feelings towards you just get stronger everytime I talk to you

I would really want to promise you that I didn’t fall in love with you, but the way you make me feel doesn’t help me to forget you
I want to be with you, holding you close to me, telling you how much more you are than I will ever be able to say to you
I want the feeling of you close by my side, starring at your eyes realizing that all of this is the only thing that matters right at this time

So even though I don’t know how to tell you:
but I think I fell for you

Poem by Michele H. (12GD)