This short story poem is dedicated to people who lost their loved ones during the pandemic.

The doc’s hand rested on my shoulder,

his voice made my heart freeze colder.

He says, „Sir, please be patient, at least we’re trying“.

But I saw you covered in white sheets slowly dying.

I shattered down with calamitous grief.

Watched you breathe, waited for relief,

Want no understudy, want no pain,

As I watched you breathe through the glass pane.

Emptied the last bottle of wine,

The one I kept for our valentine.

Your voice a lost and stolen symphony,

For the dwindling winter you were my apricity.

I persist as you leave.

Watched you breathe, waited for relief.

I miss my palm in yours.

Now we’re separated through hospital doors.

No umbrella could ricochet my tears.

Somehow it brings up my darkest fears.

The world stands still,

many people been ill.


I listened when they said: „Please, just believe“

As I watched you breathe and waited for relief.

I know, I should let you go if I ever matured

But I can’t if our love was unmoored.

Tragt eure Masken und haltet Abstand. In Zeiten wie diesen kann eine selbstgefällige Haltung und egoistisches Handeln Menschen das Leben kosten.

Text: Vanessa S.